• Roopa Raveendran-Menon

Book review of Bhargavi Balachandran’s The Crossover Year

Rating: 4 stars


A book or an author’s success lies in the fact that it not only makes the reader think but also entertains from start to finish. This is where Bhargavi Balachandran’s The Crossover Year is a winner.

The Crossover Year whisks you into its heroine Anu Prabha’s world and traces her many capers as she touches the dreaded 30. Anu Prabha aka Anu is not your cookie cutter heroine. She is fiercely independent, loyal, witty, blunt, outspoken, self centred and also at times mercurial, insecure and naïve. Far from being a domestic goddess and superwoman type, she is the quintessential queen of disasters and faux pas who is unapologetic about her culinary ineptness a much as her dread of being a homemaker. Anu, in many ways, symbolises today’s ever increasing breed of women who dread being tied to their hearth and lives in perennial fear of trading in their careers for babies and household drudgery. In short, she is highly relatable.

Another standout about The Crossover Year is that it is more than just a fun read; the author has discussed pertinent issues in today’s society like homosexuality and societal attitude, marital abuse, office politics, and sexual harassment of women at workplaces in the book.

Bhargavi’s writing style is very engaging and keeps you glued to the book till the end. And it most definitely falls in the ‘to be read in one sitting’ category.

Come weekday blues, don’t reach for the cookie jar or that giant tub of ice cream, instead indulge in Bhargavi Balachandran’s The Crossover Year- an absolute page turner that not only promises 100 per cent unadulterated fun but also makes you think.

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