• Roopa Raveendran-Menon

Egg bhurji =Indira Ammuma

Egg Bhurji = Indira Ammuma. I spoon a mixture of soggy, scrambled eggs, wilted onions and squishy tomatoes into my white plate. The steam rises, and along with it the aroma of something missing.

Egg bhurji was her thing.

I see her in the kitchen: a fragile figure with Rumarub anointed limbs. Her back faces me as I sit at the dining table: a wooden table with a tomato sauce coloured plastic sheet. Unappetising, almost uggh. In a thick bottomed kadai, she heats oil and tosses onions, tomatoes and sautés them with masalas until a sharp taste lingers on my tongue and nose. Then she would add the eggs beaten to a foamy pale yellow colour to the mixture. Served with a slice of toasted bread from Modern bakery and a dollop of home made butter. Yum!

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